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2023–2024 season

October 6 & 8
Israel in Egypt 

chorus and soloist
Handel + Haydn Society
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

October 13 & 14
Misero amante: Songs of Love and Suffering
In Stile Moderno
Brattleboro, VT and Watertown, MA

October 28 & 29

Cascading Baroque Passion

Musicians of the Old Post Road

Boston and Sudbury, MA

November 5
Black Hole Symphony
National Academy of Sciences Kavli Auditorium, Washington DC
This revolutionary new show is a unique collaboration between astrophysicists of the Harvard-Smithsonian CFA and Black Hole Initiative with the musicians of the Multiverse Concert Series. Composer David Ibbett has sonified the light of black hole galaxies as musical notes and chords, woven into a dramatic electro-symphonic score set to immersive 3-D visuals.

November 8-11
Begotten, Not Made
The New Consort
Williams College, MA, and New York City
Begotten, Not Made pairs sections of the William Byrd Masses for 4 and 5 Voices (honoring the 400th anniversary of his passing) with pieces setting texts from other faith traditions, including works by Reena Esmail, Shireen Abu Khader, Salamone Rossi, and more. At the heart of this program is a world premiere by Hope Littwin, a current PhD student in composition at Princeton and a prolific singer-songwriter/live electro-acoustic composer.


November 24, 25 & 26
Handel’s Messiah 

Handel+Haydn Society
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

December 10

Messiah Sing at the Woodstock Wassail Weekend

soprano soloist

Pentangle Arts

Our Lady of the Snows, Woodstock, VT

December 15–22 
A Baroque Christmas Story
The Folger Consort
Folger Theatre, Washington DC

March 9 & 10
For Five Voices (and Theorbo): Madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi
In Stile Moderno
Brattleboro, VT and Watertown, MA

March 22

Deerfield Academy Faculty Recital

April 5 & 7
Bach B Minor Mass
Handel & Haydn Society
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

April 11

Chamber Meditations

The New Consort with Hope Littwin, Sadia Bruce and Marcus Broderick

Princeton University Chapel

April 13

The New Consort in concert with UMass Amherst Chamber Choir

University of Massachusetts Amherst

April 19 & 21
Brahms Requiem
Handel+Haydn Society
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

May 30–June 2

Stories of Fortitude: Music of 17th-century Women Composers

New Britain, CT; Bloomfield, CT; Holyoke, MA; North Attleboro, MA; Fall River, MA

Le Note Diverse: Agnes Coakley Cox and Alicia DePaolo, sopranos; Hideki Yamaya, theorbo; Juan Mesa, keyboards

Le Note Diverse on Facebook

June 22

Festival Concert: Tallis' Spem in Alium and music of Bach, Schütz, Rameau, Mendelssohn, and Powell

Zenith Ensemble

Keene, NH

June 27 & July 25

Mars Symphony

David Ibbett and the Multiverse Players

Museum of Science, Boston

Immerse yourself in the real sounds of Mars’ winds, dust devils and seismic rumbles, joined by orchestral melodies created from data collected from the Red Planet and stunning original visuals from the Charles Hayden Planetarium.

July 9

Misero Amante: Songs of Love and Suffering

In Stile Moderno at the Amherst Early Music Festival

Union College, Schenectady, NY

July 11 and 12

The Indianapolis Festival Band and Alchymy Viols: 
Ancient Airs and Dances

Indianapolis Early Music Festival

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