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2022–2023 season

October 21 & 22

Phantasticus!: Virtuoso Music for the Habsburg Emperors

La Fiocco: Agnes Coakley Cox, soprano; Nathaniel Cox, cornetto, lute, theorbo; Allen Hamrick, dulcian & recorder; Claire Smith Bermingham, baroque violin; Donna Fournier, viola da gamba; Jorge Torres, theorbo & baroque guitar; Benjamin T. Berman, harpsichord; Lewis R. Baratz, artistic director, recorder, harpsichord

Princeton, NJ and Solebury, PA


October 28 & 29

Quia amore langueo: The Song of Songs in 17th-Century Italy

In Stile Moderno: Agnes Coakley Cox, soprano; Nathaniel Cox, cornetto & theorbo; Juan Mesa, organ

Brattleboro, VT and Watertown, MA


November 5 & 6

The Corners of the Moon: Uncanny Music for Hallowmas

Seven Times Salt: Agnes Coakley Cox, soprano, percussion; Karen Burciaga, violin, guitar, voice; Dan Meyers, recorder, flute, cornamuse, percussion, voice; David H. Miller, bass viol, voice; Nathaniel Cox, theorbo, voice; Matthew Wright, lute, voice

Amherst, MA and Cambridge, MA


November 25, 26 & 27

Handel’s Messiah

Handel+Haydn Society

Symphony Hall, Boston, MA


December 16, 17 & 18

Gloria!: Music of Bach and Vivaldi

The Thirteen

Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, and Bethesda, MD


March 3, 4, & 5

The English Orpheus: The Musical Enchantments of Henry Purcell

In Stile Moderno: Agnes Coakley Cox, Sophie Michaux, Corey Dalton Hart, Adam Jacob Simon, voices; Nathaniel Cox, theorbo

Brattleboro, VT, Watertown, MA and Bristol, RI


March 11 & 12

Carissimi’s Jephte and Missa L’Homme armé

Pablo Bustos, tenor (Jephte), Agnes Coakley Cox, soprano (Filia), with Peter Becker, bass solo, Crescendo Vocal Ensemble and period instruments

Great Barrington, MA and Lakeville, CT

March 17, 18, & 19

Shakespeare in Step and Song

The Folger Consort

As part of the Folger’s First Folio celebration (the 400th anniversary), the Folger Consort returns to its home repertoire of music from Shakespeare’s time with the uniquely English broken consort, an “orchestra” of three plucked stringed instruments, flute, fiddle, and bass viol. Folger Consort’s co-Artistic Directors have often noted the similarities between this engaging style, featuring some fancy pickin’, to the music of the Appalachian descendants of British settlers - bluegrass. In this program, they explore that connection as well as songs from Shakespeare and the shared stories of ballads from both traditions.

St. Mark's Church, Washington DC


March 31 & April 2

Bach’s Easter Oratorio

Handel+Haydn Society

Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

April 22

Climate Hope Concert

Multiverse Series

In Stile Moderno joins the Multiverse Players for an Earth Day concert that amplifies voices of hope in the midst of climate change.

WBUR CitySpace, Boston


April 24, 25, 26, & 27

Black Hole Symphony

This revolutionary new show is a unique collaboration between astrophysicists of the Harvard-Smithsonian CFA and Black Hole Initiative with the musicians of the Multiverse Concert Series. Composer David Ibbett has sonified the light of black hole galaxies as musical notes and chords, woven into a dramatic electro-symphonic score set to immersive 3-D visuals from the Charles Hayden Planetarium.

Museum of Science, Boston

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